Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home Is Where the Army Sends Us

I've been lusting after a "Home Is Where the Army Sends Us" sign after I saw one at my friend's house. She had a basic primitive sign without any duty stations, but it was still cute. I like some of these ones. I'm planning to include the places we've been together and his deployments.

From Creative Touch Wood on Etsy

Home is Where the Army Sends Us - Army Vinyl Sticker Sign on Solid Wooden Board Military Patriotic
From Meyer's Vinyl Designs on Etsy

Home is where the Military sends us...
Sadly, Fayetteville is not near Charlotte.
From The Diva Boutique on Etsy.

But I do have a dilemma: Mac was at two duty stations between when we started dating but before we moved in together. One was a temporary duty (three months at Army ROTC summer camp) at Fort Lewis, and the second was his time at BOLC (the lieutenant's course) at Fort Sill. Would you include these two duty stations?


  1. I didn't include any of Kyle's training like BOLC. I've only included the places we have been together.

  2. I like the 2nd one. It's too cute. and would do perfectly for you. Good luck finding one. Maybe you could look on pinterest and do some DIY ones. :D

  3. I want the middle one with the yellow ribbons and little feet prints!! I wasn't planning on including BOLC. Only where we got to actually live together..

  4. I've seen these on Etsy and think they're so neat!


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