Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

He is Risen! Alleluia, Alleluia! Wishing y'all a joyous and happy Easter today. If you're traveling, drive safely and enjoy your time with friends and family.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Countdown to Nashville: ONE WEEK

Y'all. ONE WEEK. This time in just seven days, I will be running (aka mostly walking) a half-marathon. ONE WEEK. It's so crazy. Seems like I just registered for this thing at the end of December. Seems like I just started my training program at the end of January. Yikes.

On one hand, I'm super excited, am ready to crush this, and celebrate with a night out on the town in Nashville. On the other hand, I'm having a mild panic attack at the prospect of being able to complete 13.1 miles. That last 0.1 really gets you. I'll be posting my packing list on Wednesday (if only because I will have a written list of what I need to remember), but I still need to get two things. First is a running shirt. As I procrastinated in the buying of a funny running shirt, I'm going to swing by Athleta (it's across the hall from AT) to get a dry-wick racer-back top. I'm also going to check out the running underwear. I know everyone has their personal preference, but I'm looking for a full-coverage option that comes in the dry-wick material.

One more week. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 18, 2014

High Five for Good Friday

1. It's Good Friday. Whoot. Enjoy my favorite hymn.

2. I'm wearing a dress for Easter that I bought last September for a wedding. The dress didn't fit then, but I'm down about 25 pounds. Whoot.

3. I'm not the biggest fan of Windows 8. I get the tile formation is supposed to be cool and updated, but I can't find anything. I miss my old start menu.

4. If you haven't already watched it, check out TURN on Sunday night. It's an AMC show about Washington's spy ring during the Revolution.

5. My last long run, a 10 miler, is tomorrow. That means my half-marathon is next week. I'm nervous and excited. What am I doing?

What are y'all doing this weekend?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deja vu all over again

Remember that time my computer crashed, and I had to blog from my phone? Guess what happened Tuesday night? Surprise, surprise, my computer died. Apparently the hard drive crashed. After a phone session with Christopher from HP (who was really helpful), we determined that it would be more cost effective to just try to salvage what was on the hard drive, transfer it to an external hard drive, and buy a new computer.

I hit up Best Buy last night to talk to Geek Squad and to peruse their computer selection. The Geek Squad agreed with my idea, so I headed over to computers. These guys weren't so helpful (they didn't even know how to unlock some of the laptops), but I did find a machine I liked. It's basically the new version of my HP that died; it has more memory and a faster processor. Because I bought a new computer, the data transfer of my old hard drive was only $30. Not too shabby. So this is my first official blog post from my new computer! Hopefully, this one will give me some good years.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NeVer forgeT 4.16.2007

Today is my least favorite day of the year.

April 16th is a painful, bitter day for the Virginia Tech community. The emotions of that cold Monday morning feel too fresh to have happened seven long years ago. The confusion, the pain, the unanswerable question why. Seven years have passed since that day.

Seven years since I truly learned and experienced the sense of community. Seven years since Nikki Giovanni's inspiring words demanding that we prevail and rise from the ashes of this great tragedy. Seven years of remembering 32 Hokies gone too soon, of living our lives to the fullest in honor of their memories. So please, take a moment today to tell the people in your life how much you love them.

We are the Hokies. We will prevail. We are Virginia Tech.

Live for 32.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Searching for gratitude

Do you ever find yourself complaining just because you can? These days, I'm complaining too much. I work too much. I don't make enough money. I want a full-time job. Blah blah blah. So I'm going to work on being more grateful. Grateful that I have a job. Grateful that my co-workers are funny, nice, and a blast to work with. Grateful that my husband's job allows us to do a lot of things. Grateful that I have wonderful family (including my in-laws who are graciously letting me live with them for a year). Grateful that my friends have been so supportive of me and willing to participate in my touristy adventures. Just more grateful for the life that I get live.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cherry blossoms

This weekend was the most perfect spring weekend imaginable. Saturday was in the high 70s and sunny, while Sunday was in the low 80s, sunny, and breezy. Utter perfection. After work on Saturday, Ashley and I headed out to the National Mall area to check out the cherry blossoms. I've never actually seen the full bloom before, and our timing was perfect. The peak bloom started Thursday. We got there while the sun was starting to set, and it cast a beautiful warm light on the trees.

Sunday morning, I met up for brunch with some of my sisters then convinced them to go back to DC to enjoy the fantastic weather. We walked a big loop around the Mall.

Have y'all ever seen the cherry blossoms?
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